WiFiesta is the social network of places, built to promote face-to-face human interaction, empower local venues and revitalize communities.

For member businesses, WiFiesta is a complete marketing tool aims to achieve the following:

  • Attract more customers to your business

  • Provide member businesses with real followers

  • Help your business maintain your WiFiesta wall up-to-date

  • Enables clients to chat with assigned staff members

  • Provide you with extensive statistics related to foot traffic

  • Give you full control of your WiFiesta wall and business details

  • Create an everlasting connection with existing clients

These guys decide to check out your restaurant because it appears amongst the "Popular Places" on WiFiesta. Your restaurant became "Popular" as a results of all the check-ins and the media posted on your restaurant’s WiFiesta wall.

The guys are having a great time, snapping photos and chatting with others checked-in. They decide to stay longer and have a few more drinks! You increase your sales, acquire more clients, as a result of the presence and the social activities of others already there, your business has more REAL Followers and you gain valuable statistics of the foot traffic of your business.

Local Businesses Can Use WiFiesta To Compete With Big Brands!

"Many local businesses often fear that the hurdle is too great when it comes to competing with nationally known brands. What business owners need to understand is that WiFiesta has given the advantage to local business owners by engaging in the most immediate of all audiences, which, many times, aren’t reached at a personal level by huge brands"

Create your place, assign your staff and discover all that WiFiesta has for your business!



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