Wifiesta is your store's social network that turns your clients into marketing ambassador for your business and generate recurring income from those whom you refer to the app

Inefficient Ad Campaigns

High Cost: Direct mail ad campaigns cost $4-10 per claimed coupon.


Low Conversion Rate: 99.4% of coupons end up in recycling bins.


High Risk: Businesses pay upfront assuming the entire risk of the ad campaign.

Low Customer Retention

Can’t Connect: No practical way to turn existing customers into Followers.


Low Engagement: Businesses neither have the time nor the expertise to keep Followers engaged on social media.


Ineffective Promotions: Can’t reach a specific customer with personalized promotions nor can businesses reach the customer’s circle of friends.

Low Margins

Exuberant Fees: Marketplaces such as Groupon and Delivery Apps such as Uber Eat charge fees between 20-50% per sale.



Missed Opportunities:  Local stores are missing the potential of generating additional income from promoting mobile apps to their customers.

Why I need WiFiesta for my business?

How does WiFiesta help me?


Increase sales by turn existing clients into followers and using their presence and photos to promote the business to their circle of friends and other users


Generate income from our Referral Profit Sharing Program that is independent of the business's industry or local economy


Save money on ad campaigns by paying reasonable fees for realized sales only


Increase repeat sales by being able to send personalized promotions to previously checked-in users. 

How do I Sign-Up?

If you are the owner or working on behalf of the owner claim your place in a few minutes:

Students Taking Exams
  • Track attendence

  • Push quizzes to students and track their results

  • Act as a networking tool for students

  • Share class notes

  • Expedite registration

  • Track attendance for CE credits

  • Act as a proffessional networking tool

  • Live polling of audience

  • Automatically share event photos amongst all guests in real-time

  • Request songs from DJ

  • Chat with other guests

  • Turn hotels into a social hub for solo business travellers

  • Connect front desk with clients 

  • Promote hotel bars & restaurants to clients

Alejandro, Great!

Partner and Co-Owner,

DF Distrito Federal

I thought it was great! It was amazing to be able to see all the people Check-in! In addition our clients played and had fun with the Trivias, we hope to have more events soon!

Romina, Amazing!

Owner, Don Guido

I like WiFiesta because my clients

can give me the rating before to leave, allowing me to reverse it if

It was not positive. Also, allows me to send my clients specific promotions. WiFiesta is an excellent Marketing tool!

Gillermo, Useful!

Partner and GM, Wynwood

I liked that users could choose where to go according to the photos and videos that people upload and for the amount of people Check-in. I am sure that discount coupons will grow my business!

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Copyright © 2018 WiFiesta Inc. 

Copyright © 2018 WiFiesta Inc.