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WiFiesta Inc. is based in the United States of America. We are a team of 12 dedicated engineers  and marketing professionals, spread out across the world, working together to make a difference. 

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To promote face-to-face human interaction, empower local businesses and revitalize communities.

Baker Garbawi

B .Eng, M. Eng (Aerospace), M. Math. Finance
Founder, President & CEO

Baker has worked as the Head of Research and Development for a quantitative hedge fund where he built from the ground up AI driven trading programs. He also worked as an Aerospace Engineer at leading aerospace companies.

 He is the main idea generator of the WiFiesta App. He leads the team and is deeply involved with all aspects of the design and development of the app. His highly technical background and his value driven financial engineering experience make him the ideal candidate to lead WiFiesta to success.

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