We are the local social network that rewards its users while supporting communities

How do I get rewarded?

How does WiFiesta support my Local Community?

  • Buy more at local businesses

  • More Check-in

  • Claim more coupons

  • Take more pictures

  • Follow more Business

  • Make more new friends

The more engagement, the more benefits for all WiFiesta community


Generate recurring income from our Referral Profit Sharing Program 

Engage in social activities without sacrificing privacy as our business model is not driven by 3rd party ads.

Find interesting local places not only based on ratings, but also based on presence & current social activities

Get rewarded with Coupons when they check-in and take a photo, and with $$$ when they refer users to the app

Socialize with local, real and like-minded people before they arrive and while they are at local businesses.

Share Photos With The Right People and become a Marketing Assistant helping businesses generate multimedia content of your business

Referral Profit Sharing Plans


Invite your followers to follow you on WiFiesta and earn recurring income

Sales Ambassador

Sign up local business, increase your income working flexible hours

Member Business

Claim your business on WiFiesta and increase your sale and earn recurring income

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