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WiFiesta is the social network of places, built to promote face-to-face human interaction, empower local venues and revitalize communities.

For event organizers, WiFiesta is a powerful tool, which aims to achieve the following:

  • Accelerate the check-in process at events

  • Help organizers maintain engagement during and after the event using WiFiesta Live Polls amongst many other features

  • Track the attendance of participants

  • Enable the participants to chat with assigned staff members

  • Showcase the event's WiFiesta wall to other local and global WiFiesta users

  • Maintain a strong connection between the participants and the organizers by having the participants follow the organizer's activities

  • Protect the privacy of the participants and the intellectual property of the event presenters

You create a private place on WiFiesta to represent your class and invite your students only. You ask your students to check-in during lecture hours.

Your class becomes a collaboration and networking hotspot, all while maintaining the privacy of the students and the intellectual property of the material posted.

 You engage your student by sending them pop quizzes using WiFiesta Live Polls. At the end of the term you use WiFiesta Analytics to check the attendance of your students as well as the percentage of correct answers of all quizzes they participated in.

Businesses Can Use WiFiesta To Compete With Big Brands!

"Many businesses often fear that the hurdle is too great when it comes to competing with nationally known brands. What business owners need to understand is that WiFiesta has given the advantage to local business owners by engaging in the most immediate of all audiences, which, many times, aren’t reached at a personal level by huge brands"

Create your place, assign your staff and discover all that WiFiesta has for your business!



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