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WiFiesta for Partners

A platform that enables physical businesses to create their Virtual Places on the WiFiesta app.  

The tools WiFiesta offers at its Virtual Places:

  • Manage queues

  • Publish promotions

  • Push live polls to checked-in customers

  • Publish job opportunities

  • Enable chat with manager on duty

  • See AI driven foot traffic analytics & predictions

  • Turn your customers into followers and keep them engaged

  • Start local trivia and games at place (coming soon)

  • Receive orders & deliver to table or takeaway (coming soon)

  • Enable reservations (coming soon)

Local Bakery

Why I need WiFiesta?

Local Bakery


  • One platform, multiple tools! It serves your online and onsite needs for half the price and you only pay for what you use.

  • WiFiesta gives you valuable, AI driven, predictions of your customer’s preferences based on their real-world habits. It also enables you to offer personalized services to your customers.

  • WiFiesta helps you generate additional recurring income when you promote WiFiesta to your customers.

  • No need for social media managers. WiFiesta turns your customers into followers and keeps them engaged. It uses their engagement to attract new customers and maintain the existing ones.

Mobile Phone User


  • One app to discover nearby businesses, interact with them and connect with the people checked-in there.

  • Even better, you won’t see ads because WiFiesta’s business model is built around the value it provides to local businesses. Hence, your data and privacy are protected.

  • WiFiesta pours 25% of its income back into your local community and creates scholarships at local colleges based on student engagement.

  • No check-in, no engagement! Only real people, posts and reviews exist on the app.

  • Best of all, you also earn recurring income when you promote local businesses to my friends and followers.

How do I create my business account?
Place Product List Light.png

Create Business Profile


Add or claim Locations


Select Profit Sharing Plans 


Select the WiFiesta Tools that server you business needs


Welcome! Discover all that WiFiesta has to offer to help you grow your business!

Where can WiFiesta be used?
Local Bakery
  • Attract new customers

  • Convert existing customers into followers and keep them engaged

  • Publish promotions and products to your followers and other potential customers

  • Manage customer queues efficiently

  • Hire local talents

  • Potential clients: Supermarkets, bars, pubs, restaurants, retail shops, shared office spaces, Movie theaters, museums, apartment communities, etc

Students Taking Exams
  • Sustainably receive contributions for a scholarship program

  • Enhance academic engagement, networking & collaboration

  • Track attendance

  • Push live quizzes

  • Manage efficient queues

  • Potential clients: Private and public universities, community colleges, high schools, etc

sitting in airport
  • Make check-in and boarding queues more efficient

  • Generate additional income from non-conventional sources

  • Enable customers to shop and have items delivered to the gate

  • Potential clients: Global and domestic airlines and airports

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