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Together we will achieve
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To promote face-to-face human interaction, empower local businesses and revitalize communities

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Smart Promotions and Conventional Flyers: A Dual Marketing Approach

WiFiesta now offers a dual marketing strategy, combining our innovative Smart Promotions with the addition of conventional flyers. Our Smart Promotions ensure targeted and data-driven visibility, while our conventional flyers, distributed through partner deliveries, broaden the reach to engage diverse audiences.

Community Connection through Local Businesses

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Targeted Door-to-Door Distribution

Utilize our partner delivery service for strategic door-to-door flyer distribution.

Carefully select delivery partners to ensure reaching individuals who align with your target audience.


Zone Flexibility Across Dubai

WiFiesta operates in four distinct zones across Dubai.

Choose to distribute flyers across all zones or select specific zones tailored to your target market.


Data-Driven Insights for Effective Outreach

Access in-depth data analysis for every QR code scan on your flyer, converting each scan into a WiFiesta follower. Utilize this direct channel to engage and establish deals through the app.

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Membership Contribution to Education

We want our customers to know that choosing WiFiesta membership means more than just promotional benefits. A portion of the membership fees contributes directly to educational initiatives in Dubai. By becoming a WiFiesta member, businesses actively participate in community building and education support.


Education Support Initiatives Trivia Events in Schools and Universities

WiFiesta is committed to giving back to the community, and part of our earnings will be dedicated to organizing trivia events in universities and high schools. These events not only provide entertainment but also contribute to education by supporting students who excel in the tournaments.

At a Party

WiFiesta Events

In a world where loneliness and disconnection prevail due to the deceptive allure of social networks, WiFiesta emerges as a mobile app dedicated to fostering genuine connections. Many individuals experience isolation when comparing their lives to curated social media highlight reels. WiFiesta aims to break this cycle by connecting people to local events and activities, striving to bridge the gap between digital interactions and meaningful, real-life connections with like-minded individuals.

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