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Terms and conditions

1. Participation in the event signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. Tickets are non-refundable, except in the case of event cancellation.

3. The game can be played from anywhere in the world.

4. WiFiesta will only cover the cost of the prize.

5. The winner is responsible for any additional expenses, such as taxes,  registration, transfer, and licensing fees.

6. The winner must publish four Instagram stories, one per week, about winning the prize.

7. The WiFiesta app should be reviewed on the relevant store.

8. The prize may be forfeited if it is determined that more than one person participated in playing the trivia game or if other fraudulent methods were used to gain an advantage.

9. WiFiesta reserves the right to modify or cancel the games as necessary.

10. By participating, users agree to have their names published on WiFiesta's website and social media platforms.

11. The winner's details (name, nationality, winning category) may appear on various media outlets. This information will be posted on, the WiFiesta app, and other social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

12. All WiFiesta privacy, terms, and conditions apply.

13. Participation implies consent to using participants' photos and videos for marketing purposes.

14. The event is governed by the laws of the State of Delaware in the United States of America.

15. The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the prize.

16. WiFiesta, at its discretion, may choose to pay the winner the cash equivalent of the prize.

17. In case of car prizes, the winning prize could take up to 90 days to be delivered, depending on the availability of the car at the dealership.

In case of off-plan real estate prizes, it could take a few years for delivery to take place depending on the handover date of the developer.

In case the winner is less than 18 years old, the prize may be registered in the name of one of their parents or legal guardians.


Terms and Conditions:


Welcome to WiFiesta's exciting trivia games with incredible prizes! Here's everything you need to know:


1. **Prizes and Tickets:**

   - WiFiesta offers a range of amazing prizes, including:

     - Apartment: 1,000.00 AED per ticket

     - Tesla Car: 500.00 AED per ticket

     - Small SUV (Kia Sportage): 250.00 AED per ticket

     - Cross Over SUV (Kia Seltos): 100.00 AED per ticket

     - Small Car (Kia Picanto): 60.00 AED per ticket

     - 10,000 AED Gift Card: 25.00 AED per ticket

   - To participate, users must select their desired prize and purchase a ticket. Each ticket grants access to the trivia game.


2. **Game Details:**

   - The date and time of each trivia game will be specified on the ticket.

   - Participants can join the game remotely from anywhere.


3. **Winner Selection:**

   - At the end of each game, the winner will be announced.

   - In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined based on the fastest response time.


4. **Prize Allocation:**

   - Each prize has a predetermined value and a maximum number of participants.

   - If the maximum participant limit is not reached, a new date will be scheduled.

   - Tickets are non-refundable.


5. **Publicity:**

   - By participating, users agree to have their names published on WiFiesta's website and social media platforms in the event of winning.


6. **General Terms:**

   - WiFiesta reserves the right to modify or cancel games as necessary.

   - Participation implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Get ready to test your knowledge and win incredible prizes with WiFiesta's trivia games!

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