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WiFiesta is a location based social and professional network. It turns places into networking hubs all the while enabling users to enjoy smart promotions, find jobs, join smart queues and play Trivia Games at those places.

The Power of the Check-in!
It is our way of keeping everything real on the app! Real people, real contents, and real interactions!
Check in to see who liked your profile at that location
Check in to be the most visible user on the app so others can like you and chat with you 
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Check in to automatically receive the photos of your friends
Check in to receive gifts and discounts at participating businesses
Power of Check-in
Valuable Interactions at Public Places
- At Bars, Restaurants, Clothing Stores, etc - 

Break the ice and meet people where you are at

Send likes and chat with people who are checked-in with you or at nearby places

Never wait in a long queue again

Add yourself to the queue before you arrive and save yourself the agonizing wait!

Help local businesses and get rewarded with discounts

Check in and take a photo  to promote the local business on WiFiesta and get rewarded with discounts and gifts

Find local jobs

Apply for jobs right there and then!

Enjoy rated menu items

Always know what is good on the menu!

Create Your Own Private Places
- At home -

Control your privacy

All Social activities are only visible to friends and family you grant access to and only when they are checked in 

Keep your family memories private and in one place! 

All photos taken there stay on the wall of the private place and when you move houses, they move with you!

Never miss a photo taken at a house party

All photos taken there are automatically shared with all checked in friends 

Turn your place to into a Trivia Hub

You can play trivia at your private place with your friends or kids!

Everybody is an influencer!

User Referral Commission

You earn a commission on all gross profits generated from users you referred to WiFiesta for 12 months from referral date 



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Local Business Sales Commission 

You earn a commission on all gross profits generated from businesses you refer to WiFiesta for 12 months from sign-up date



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