We are the Bridge that Connects People with their Local Community

Where can WiFiesta be used?

  • Attract new customers

  • Convert existing customers into followers and keep them engaged

  • Publish promotions and products to your followers and other potential customers

  • Manage customer queues efficiently

  • Hire local talents

  • Potential clients: Bars, pubs, restaurants, retail shops, shared office spaces, movie theaters, museums, apartment communities, etc

  • Sustainably receive contributions for a scholarship program

  • Enhance academic engagement, networking & collaboration

  • Track attendance

  • Push live quizzes

  • Manage efficient queues

  • Potential clients: Private and public universities, community colleges, high schools, etc

  • Make check-in and boarding queues more efficient

  • Generate additional income from non-conventional sources

  • Enable customers to shop and have items delivered to the gate

  • Potential clients: Global and domestic airlines and airports

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