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WiFiesta is a mobile app that incentivizes people to go out more frequently to their favorite local businesses, interact with them and socialize with people at those locations

Why do I want to claim my place on WiFiesta?

  • Enjoy administrative privileges to personalize your business listing and remove comments and contents that do not comply with your business’s policies

  • Enable chat between checked-in customers and managers to resolve issues amicably 

  • Publish unlimited menu / catalogue items and have each item rated individually

  • Publish unlimited live polls / trivia questions to your checked-in customers to keep them engaged or to promote your products

  • Turn existing customers into followers when they check in on WiFiesta

  • Enjoy free publicity to your existing customers’ circle of friends as a result of your customers’ social engagement at your WiFiesta place 

  • Receive 15% of the revenues generated from users, who downloaded the app and did their first check-in at your WiFiesta place

  • Receive 10% of the revenues generated from businesses you referred to us 

  • Enjoy valuable foot-traffic analytics

  • Optionally, set up virtual queues, smart promotions, and post jobs 

Local Bakery
Some of our Businesses Partners 
How do I claim my place?
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Download the WiFiesta app from the App Store or Google Play Store


Create your personal WiFiesta account


Head to More Options > Business Profile where you will be guided to create your Business Profile and claim your business if it already exists or create it if it doesn’t.

Where can WiFiesta be used?
Local Bakery
  • Attract new customers

  • Convert existing customers into followers and keep them engaged

  • Publish promotions and products to your followers and other potential customers

  • Manage customer queues efficiently

  • Hire local talents

  • Potential clients: Supermarkets, bars, pubs, restaurants, retail shops, shared office spaces, Movie theaters, museums, apartment communities, etc

Students Taking Exams
  • Sustainably receive contributions for a scholarship program

  • Enhance academic engagement, networking & collaboration

  • Track attendance

  • Push live quizzes

  • Manage efficient queues

  • Potential clients: Private and public universities, community colleges, high schools, etc

sitting in airport
  • Make check-in and boarding queues more efficient

  • Generate additional income from non-conventional sources

  • Enable customers to shop and have items delivered to the gate

  • Potential clients: Global and domestic airlines and airports

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