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FAQ - Users


Why do I need to have an email address and a mobile phone to sign up with WiFiesta?

Both your email address and phone number serve as your username. Both are also used to link you with your friends who have your email or phone in their address books.

Why do I need to give WiFiesta permission to access my address book?

We need your address book contacts to link you with your friends who are users of WiFiesta. We don’t share your contacts with third parties.

How do I unlink Facebook, Google Contacts or Microsoft Contacts from WiFiesta?

Please go to the respective social network and revoke access permission to WiFiesta. Once you have done so, you will need to refresh your social links in the WiFiesta App. Note, once the process is completed you will lose contact with all of your friends on the unlinked network.

How long does it take before my account and all associated data and media are completely deleted from WiFiesta servers?

Given the complex relationships between WiFiesta users, deleting an account is much more complex than it actually sounds. Thus, it could take up-to 90 days to complete the entire process.

Can I reactivate my account after it has been deleted?

Once the deletion process has been completed, which could take up to 90 days, all data such as photos, videos, relationships, likes and comments will be deleted permanently and/or disassociated from your personal information. However, if you log back in WiFiesta before the deletion process has started, the account deletion process will be cancelled.

Once my account has been deleted, will there be any information left about me on WiFiesta Servers?

Certain information such as log files and messages you sent are not part of your account and will persist on our servers.


Does the use of WiFiesta affect my battery life?

WiFiesta uses no more battery resources than your average app.

Can I create my own Private Place at my house?

Yes you can. You may create as many private places as you like provided that each of them is associated with a unique Wi-Fi Network.

Can I create a Public Place?

Yes you can. Just make sure you are not creating a place that already exists. Also make sure you are inputting the correct information for the place.

Can I unshare a Private Place with a friend?

Yes you can. Your place will not be visible to them when they are nearby. However, due to some technical limitations on iPhones they will always have access to your Wi-Fi unless you change your Wi-Fi’s Router password.

Why can’t I create a place that is far away from me?

You can only create a place located within 200 meters/yards of your current location. You will not be able to create a place if we cannot obtain your location.

How can I find nearby places with Wi-Fi hotspots when I am offline?

WiFiesta will show you in the Home screen all nearby place even when you are offline, provided that we can obtain your current location. You will, however, not be able to check in at any of those places until you connect to their Wi-Fi.


What is a Fiesta?

Think of a Fiesta as an event that starts when the first member of your party arrives and ends when the last one leaves.

Will I receive photos and videos taken in my Fiesta before I have arrived or after I have left?

You will only receive photos and videos taken while you were present at the Fiesta.

How does WiFiesta know which Friend/s to share my photos and videos with?

WiFiesta shares all media amongst friends checked-in at the same place.

What would happen if there was a friend checked with me, but I didn’t wish to share my photos and videos with him?

For specific photos or videos you can exclude certain people from the list of recipients of those contents. However, if you do not wish to share any photo or video during the entire Fiesta, you should block that person by selecting the option of “Don’t Share Media” with that person.

What would happen if I blocked someone during a Live Fiesta?

He will lose access to the entire collection of photos and videos you shared with him since the beginning of the Fiesta.

How do I prevent my photos and videos from being shared automatically with certain friends?

Block those friends by selecting the option “Don’t share media with” in the Privacy Settings.

What do I need to do if I don’t want to receive photos or videos from certain friends?

Block those friends by selecting the option “Don’t receive media from” in the Privacy Settings.

I see a fewer photos and videos in an Album shared with me than the original Album?

Escribe la respuesta aquí. Piensa bien tu respuesta, escribe con claridad y considera usar ejemplos. Esto ayudará a quienes visiten la página a encontrar lo que necesitan de manera fácil y rápida.

How long will my public photos and videos stay on the wall of the placer?

They will stay for 24 hours then disappear from the wall.

How do I see all photos and videos of my Fiestas at a specific place?

Use the filter of the Album to group media by place. WiFiesta will create a timeline of your photos and videos at that place.

What happens to my user information and media, while my account is pending deletion?

They will remain accessible for up to 90 days as though you were simply logged out.

What happens to my photos and videos when I make them Private?

The content will vanish from the Albums of whoever has access to them. Note, photos and videos shared through WiFiesta messenger are always public.

What happens to my photos and videos when I set Privacy to “Friends Only”?

They will disappear from the Albums of whoever had access to them and anyone who is not a friend of yours.


Why does WiFiesta request the permission to access my location even when I am not using the App?

We need your location to automatically check you out of places where you have checked-in. Once we have checked you out successfully, your location will no longer be requested.

Does WiFiesta notify all of my friends when I check in?

No, it only notifies your friends who are checked-in at the same place taking into account your and your friends’ visibility settings.

How can I stop someone from stalking me?

You can block the user by making yourself invisible to him/her. The blocked user will never see you at any place, even if you were checked-in at the same place. He/She will never see any of your photos, videos or your public posts.

How can I stop someone I don’t know from sending me a lot of chat messages?

Simply ignore his/her messages. Users are allowed to send one message and one sticker to people they are not already friends with. Alternatively you can block all chats with the user from your Privacy Settings.

Who sees my Private Places?

Only friends you shared your places with and only when they are nearby.

Can I manually check-out of a place?

WiFiesta will automatically check you out of the place once you leave the place or check-in at another place. You may make yourself invisible for 48 hours, which is effectively a check-out without losing access to the Wi-Fi of the place, if it has one.


What is Time-Bomb Mode?

This is our Privacy Mode in which all messages, media and voice memos are deleted from all devices after they have been read by all recipients. They will disappear from your device after they have been delivered to all recipients.

What happens when I manually self-destruct a message?

You are effectively forcing the explosion of that message. Similar to Time-Bomb mode, the message is deleted from all devices.

When do chats with strangers get removed from my chat screen?

When either you or the other person check-out of the place. Add the person as a friend before either one of you leaves, if you want to stay in touch with the person.

Does WiFiesta encrypt chat messages?

Yes. All WiFiesta communications between devices and servers are encrypted with an SSL Certificate.

Why can’t I find certain messages and media in my chat?

It means that the sender has manually self-destructed the message.

I cannot send messages to some of the people who are checked-in with me?

This happens, because either the user has opted to receive messages only from Friends or the user is a minor and you are an adult.

Can I make a photo or video I sent through WiFiesta messenger private?

No you cannot. Photo and videos shared on WiFiesta messenger can be re-shared with anyone. We recommend that you use our Time-Bomb mode to send private photos or videos.