What is WiFiesta for Airlines / Airports?

A platform to generate revenues from non-conventional sources, manage customer queues (check-in, boarding, screening, etc.), promote the airline to customers’ friends & other app users, and hire local talents.      

How does WiFiesta help Airlines / Airports?

Generate Non-conventional Revenues

WiFiesta gives airlines & airports the ability to generate revenues by charging passengers for joining an express queue and selling meals & duty-free items at the gate. Twofold, by participating in our RPSP, they may generate additional revenues from customers while they shop at other WiFiesta member businesses.

Manage Efficient Check-in 

& Boarding Queues

WiFiesta’s queuing feature gives airline and airport staff better control over passenger flow, improving boarding times and customer satisfaction. All the while giving passengers the ability to continue shopping and dining until their turn is up next.

Follow Covid-19


WiFiesta’s queuing feature throttles the number of people waiting in line at any given time, respecting social distancing recommendations of 6ft and making passengers feel safer while traveling.

Get Free


WiFiesta turns passengers into followers and uses their presence at the airport and media generated to promote the airline and airport to their friends and other users of the app.


Customer Service

WiFiesta enables users to chat directly with designated staff, while they are at the airport, to have their concerns addressed immediately and improve customer satisfaction.


Hiring Process 

WiFiesta facilitates the advertisement of open job positions to local customers, collection of professional information of the job applicants and scheduling of interviews with candidates directly through the app.

WiFiesta Queues at Airport

Referral Profit Sharing Plans

User Referral Commission

You earn a commission on all gross profits generated from users you referred to WiFiesta for 12 months from referral date 



Local Business Sales Commission 

You earn a commission on all gross profits generated from businesses you refer to WiFiesta for 12 months from sign-up date



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