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What is WiFiesta for Colleges?

A platform to generate sustainable contributions for a scholarship program from the engagement of students in the local community. It can also be used for academic engagement, networking, collaboration, attendance tracking, quizzing, and queuing. 

Why does WiFiesta support education?

It is the core belief of WiFiesta that building healthy communities starts by providing affordable education to its members. This philosophy coincides with the vision of our Director of Scholarships and Academic Technologies, Dr. Suher Baker. As the former Department Chair of Pediatric Dentistry at Yale University and Oregon Health and Science University, she saw the need for sustainable scholarship programs and free sophisticated educational platforms as the core prerequisites to reduce the overall cost of education. Both prerequisites can be fulfilled through the use of WiFiesta at colleges.

The vision of WiFiesta’s founder and Dr. Suher Baker is reflected in their own relentless pursuit of higher education and knowledge. Between the two of them, they hold five post-graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering, Mathematical Finance, MBA, Pediatric Dentistry and Anesthesiology.

What does WiFiesta offer colleges? 
Student Reading Textbook

Sustainable Scholarship

WiFiesta shares with colleges up to 15% of the revenues generated from students, alumni and staff when they shop and engage at local businesses. All the while everyone receives discounts for their engagement.

Teacher Assisting a Student

Free Solutions

WiFiesta does not charge colleges for the use of WiFiesta in classrooms. WiFiesta can be used for academic engagement, networking, collaboration, attendance tracking and for quizzing.

High School Friends

Lasting Connections

WiFiesta turns students into followers and keeps them up-to-date with current social and professional activities at the college, long after they have graduated. Additionally, colleges may reach out to individual students through the app.

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Efficient Queues

WiFiesta’s queuing feature gives college staff better control of the circulation at student service locations, improving queuing times at registration offices, cafeteria, financial aid offices, etc. All the while maintaining social distancing recommendations.

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