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FAQ - Partners


Why would I want to become a WiFiesta Partner Business?

WiFiesta is, probably, the only social app whose entire business model is not built on advertisements, effectively, protecting users’ private information. WiFiesta redistributes, up to 35% of its revenues, back to the local communities of our user to help support those communities. WiFiesta plans to offer scholarships to local colleges and universities for the engagement of their students. We are trying to set a trend where companies are expected to reinvest a significant portion of their revenues into our withering local communities. We want you to be part of this success story!

Why would users choose WiFiesta over other social media platforms?

Privacy and Local Community are the key words! Our users' private information is not up for sale, not only because we don’t endorse the practice of selling users’ private information, but also because our entire business model does not justify this practice. WiFiesta is, probably, the only social media company in the world whose entire business model is built around the fees it earns from the value it adds to local businesses and not from advertisements. All that, combined with the local nature and the role WiFiesta plays in supporting local communities makes it a very compelling choice.

What is WiFiesta’s business model?

We believe that for any relationship to thrive, all interests must be aligned properly! As such, WiFiesta’s business model is built purely based on value. We only get paid when our Partners get paid, effectively, aligning our interests.

For instance, WiFiesta charges USD 1.00 per coupon redeemed at a Partner Business. However, we will earn the USD 1.00 only after a sale has occurred and only after the WiFiesta user has helped promote our partner to their circle of friends and to other users. Up to 35% of the USD 1.00, will be redistributed back into local communities in the form of referral commissions and scholarships.

How does WiFiesta attract customers to Partner Businesses?

WiFiesta turns local business into a mini social network where users can connect with each other, on a personal and professional level. The social activities, the promotions offered by partner businesses and the ad campaigns run by WiFiesta attract significant foot traffic.

Will offering promotions reduce my profit margin?

It should not. Studies have shown effective promotions increase sales. If this was not true, the age old coupons and promotions industry would not exist today. Businesses with razor-thin margins may choose to increase their prices to cover the initial cost of promotions. By using WiFiesta they will be able to offer price sensitive customers the ability to obtain the original prices once they have checked-in and promoted the business to their cycle of friends and other WiFiesta users.

What are the exclusive features available to WiFiesta Partner Businesses?

You will be able to earn recurring commission from the engagement of the customers you refer to WiFiesta. You will also be able to promote your business to our user community by creating custom promotions and validating coupons redeemed against those promotions. Additionally, you will have full control of your business’s wall on WiFiesta. Hence, you will be able to add contents and remove those you don’t approve of, publish live polls, upload high quality contents from your phone’s gallery (not available to other users), update your business’s information, control check-in ranges and other advanced options.

How will I receive my referral commission?

To receive commission payouts, you will need to link a PayPal account to your WiFiesta Business Profile. It is important that the name on your PayPal account matches the name on your WiFiesta Business Profile.

How will I pay for the coupons redeemed at my business?

During the process of creating a business profile on the WiFiesta app, you will be required to associate a credit card with the profile. This credit card will be charged automatically for the full amount of the invoice.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a detailed invoice by mail. Additionally, you will be able to access your invoices and payout orders through the business profile section of the app.

Is there a fixed fee for being a WiFiesta Partner Business?

Yes. The fee is USD 100.00. However, it is currently waived for the first year as a promotion for our early adopters. The fee is meant to cover the marketing material you will receive by mail from WiFiesta. The marketing material will help you generate recurring income from our Referral Profit Sharing Program. Additionally, WiFiesta uses this fee to deter users from claiming places they don’t actually own!

How many branches can I link to my Business Profile?

There is no limit. You can add as many locations / branches as you would like.

Why do I need to validate redeemed coupons?

You need to validate all redeemed coupons before applying any discount to the user’s bill to ensure that our users have actually checked-in and generated contents for you and not merely using a copy of a previously redeemed coupon. Additionally, it allows us to accurately track the coupons that were redeemed at your business to make sure that you are only charged for coupons that resulted in sales.

How will WiFiesta identify users referred by me?

The user will be assumed to be referred by you, if their first check-in happens to be at one of our locations. Optionally, the user can input your ID For Referral Code (IDFR) during the signup process.

How long will my referred users be associated with my profile?

Referred users will be associated with your business profile for 12 months. At the end of the referral period, the user will be associated with the business profile where they make his first check-in after the 12-month period has ended. Hence, it is fundamental to continue incentivizing users to check-in to continue enjoying the benefits of our Referral Profit Sharing Program.

Will I have to pay USD 1.00 for coupons redeemed by users I referred to the app?

No, WiFiesta will never charge you for users you have referred to the app for as long as they continue to be associated with your business profile.

Does WiFiesta charge USD 1.00 per customer?

No, WiFiesta charges USD 1.00 per redeemed coupon. A redeemed coupon could include more than customers for as long as it is redeemed against one bill. In fact, we incentivize our users to generate one coupon and pay with one bill to help business reduce the time it takes to process payments. The same coupon should never be applied to multiple bills.

Will there be a minimum spending amount for redeemed coupons?

Yes, the customer will have to spend at least USD 10.00 to be able to redeem a coupon.

How many coupons can a user claim per day?

A user can redeem a coupon after they have checked-in and generated contents. The user cannot redeem another coupon while they are still checked in. Once the user checks out, they will have to wait for 3 hours before they can redeem another coupon.

Why is it essential that I incentivize all of my customers to check-in?

The simple act of check-in, turns your customers into a follower, turns his very presence into a content that could attract other customers, feeds your analytics with very useful data related to the foot traffic of your business and, last but not least, turns the user to a referred user that will earn you recurring income for the next 12 month.