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Our mission is to promote face-to-face human interaction, empower local businesses and revitalize communities.


People and Places

WiFiesta is the social network of local places where checked-in users can chat, like and automatically share photos with each other and with other users checked in at nearby places. 

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Enjoy these cool features with every Check-in


Enjoy smart promotions

Snap photos and see them automatically shared with your checked-in friends


Live polls / trivia questions

See the wait times and join virtual queues


Chat with and like other checked-in people


Find and apply for local jobs


Referral Profit Sharing Plans

User Referral Commission

You earn a commission on all gross profits generated from users you referred to WiFiesta for 12 months from referral date 



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Local Business Sales Commission 

You earn a commission on all gross profits generated from businesses you refer to WiFiesta for 12 months from sign-up date



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Why do I need to create my own Private Place?
  • A Private Place could be your house, your cottage, etc. You can create as many places as you want.

  • Photos and videos taken on WiFiesta are automatically shared into the WiFiesta album of all checked in family and friends.

  • You can use WiFiesta live polls to play fun and educative trivia games with your kids or with friends during private events.

  • Let your friends connect to your WiFi without sharing the password.

  • Public photos and videos will be visible only to friends who have been granted access.

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Texting at Cafe
When can I create a Public Place?
  • A Public Place is a restaurant, bar, store, etc.

  • You are at Public Place and you want to check in, but you can’t find the place on WiFiesta.

  • Make sure you fill out the business information as complete and accurate as posible.

  • NEVER create a Public Place if it does not physically exist.

  • NEVER duplicate an existing Public Place.

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