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What is WiFiesta for Our Partners?

A platform to generate recurring income from customers long after they have left.  WiFiesta  helps  increase sales, hire local talent and improve customer acquisition, retention and service. 


Where can WiFiesta be used?

Local Bakery
  • Attract new customers

  • Convert existing customers into followers and keep them engaged

  • Publish promotions and products to your followers and other potential customers

  • Manage customer queues efficiently

  • Hire local talents

  • Potential clients: Bars, pubs, restaurants, retail shops, shared office spaces, movie theaters, museums, apartment communities, etc

Students Taking Exams
  • Sustainably receive contributions for a scholarship program

  • Enhance academic engagement, networking & collaboration

  • Track attendance

  • Push live quizzes

  • Manage efficient queues

  • Potential clients: Private and public universities, community colleges, high schools, etc

sitting in airport
  • Make check-in and boarding queues more efficient

  • Generate additional income from non-conventional sources

  • Enable customers to shop and have items delivered to the gate

  • Potential clients: Global and domestic airlines and airports

Let's Start

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